BB37 - the loft catamaran for inland and coastal waters

BB37 - the loft catamaran

Out of the marina!

BB37 - the loft catamaran that takes you to remote destinations.

BB37 allows you to travel - across and around Europe. On rivers, BB37 sails safely at low water levels - thanks to the shallow draft of only 45 cm. At sea you cover distances comfortably, even when the sea gets choppy, thanks to the classic hull lines certified in category CE-B.

Travel to the archipelago off Stockholm, to the wild coast of Scotland, visit the tidal waters of Brittany, enjoy charming shores all the way to the Aegean. Return via the Danube or the Rhone to the green heart of Central Europe.

BB36 - the loft catamaran - Interior view

BB37 is a place to live relaxed. BB37 can be a floating home office. BB37 offers storage space in abundance. Its fuel capacity allows weeks of cruising without the need for a service station. BB37 is not a speedboat for a few hours of photo shooting on calm waters, but is designed for permanent comfort on board. A floating, mobile loft.

The boat can normally be operated by one person alone, as cleats, jetties and lock walls can be reached from many points and by the shortest distance. The two engines make a bow thruster obsolete. Other drives are feasible for the more technical-minded customer.

BB37 - the loft catamaran - Interior view

The data:

Length overall 11,15 m
Length hull 10,75 m
Width 4,45 m
Draught 0,45 m
Displacement 4,30 to beladen
Clearance height 2,85 m
Tank capacity 1600 litres (water, sewage, petrol)
Engines 2 x 60 hp standard
Speed 12 km/h cruising inland
37 km/h over sea (20 kn)
Speed 12 km/h cruising inland
37 km/h over sea (20 kn)
Displacement 3750-5750 kg
The BB37 loft catamaran is built in GRP sandwich lightweight construction with an extra reinforced keel sole, double glazing, five hatches and four sliding doors.
The living area inside is 22 m2, the headroom below deck ranges from 1.90 m - 2.20 m.

BB37 - the loft catamaran - Interior view