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der Segelkatamaran Tigger

'TIGGER' finishes sail around the world

Peter & Toni report: Tigger, our Advantage 44, has just completed a circumnavigation. We left the UK 15 years ago and crossed our track 17:00 on 12th Feb 2018 at St Pierre in Martinique after 4655 days (12 years and 9 months) a distance in excess of 50000Nm.

After crossing the N. Atlantic we spent 6 years in the Pacific and 4 years in Asia then crossed the Indian Ocean and S. Atlantic. Since her launch we have covered closer to 70000Nm. We have sailed in sustained winds of 57 knots with 8 metre breaking waves at speeds in excess of 20 knots, Aruba to Cartagena in 50 hours. Laid a hull in 40-50 knots on passage from NZ to Fiji.

We have also covered incredible distances under sail in winds below 10 knots Nukuoro to Palau in 6.5 days. We beat back to Reunion Island, from a position 150Nm south of Madagascar, against the trades to avoid a storm in the Mozambique channel, covering 622Nm in 81 hours. The storm subsequently caused devastation in Richards Bay.We often achieve 200+Nm/day on passage our best 24 hours being 254Nm.

After nearly 20 years afloat structurally Tigger is as sound as ever and we have never worried about her integrity at sea, a testament to John's design and the builder Burkhard Bader.

der Segelkatamaran Tigger